How to lose weight on a diet kefir

How to lose weight on a diet kefir
 Authoritative opinion of the great Russian physiologist and Nobel Prize Mechnikov, secured a well-known fact: the highest life expectancy Caucasian highlanders is largely due to the beneficial influence on the body home lactic produktov.Oni still make up a significant part of the diet of centenarians. Unquestionable healing properties of this popular shops and drink as yogurt. In many weight loss diets, this unique product is deservedly occupies a prominent place.  
 What is remarkable yogurt? He is considered a good stimulant normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract and the circulatory system. Kefir is recommended to regularly use for those who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, liver and biliary tract. It contains a plurality of active bacteria, which inhibit the growth of harmful micro flora in the gastro-intestinal tract. Drink strengthens the protective functions of the body and increases immunitet.Zamecheno that eating yogurt reduces the risk of side effects of many antibiotics, and his alcohol and carbon dioxide stimulate appetite.

Any version of kefir diet for weight loss is considered to be more effective than many others, but because of the nature of the main component of the medical consultation is still needed. The downside for some mode kefir diet can be a limitation in the consumption of other soli.Dlya prove unacceptable acidity of the product, the need to take a drink on an empty stomach, possible side effects (diarrhea or constipation).
In the literature one can learn about the short-term (1 day) and long-term (21 days) kefir diet. Consider those that do not require a considerable length of the new-style food.

Three days - the best time for the simplest version to test and mono-diet. Your menu and meal schedule will be. Average meal times (from breakfast to dinner hours) is divided into 5 equal intervals of time. In each technique (there are six) to drink 250 ml of fresh yogurt without sugar. At the same diet can "sit" to 6 days if every glass of kefir drink about 150 grams of vegetables and fruits.

Good and more gentle on the stomach three-day diet with a full and generous supply that is acceptable to practice once a month.
Your breakfast can raznoobrazit.Naprimer, the first day of cooking: a portion of egg omelet, salad sauerkraut, drink a cup of coffee (with milk). The next day, eat: 1 egg, a portion of semolina with butter, a slice of bread, drink tea with honey.
Snack: 250 ml yogurt.
Lunch: soup of lean chicken, salad, a slice of bread. Or the first and second courses: soup with mushrooms, cabbage stew.
Lunch: 250 ml kefir cocktail.
Dinner: a portion of baked potatoes with fish, fried in vegetable oil, a cup of tea.
Before going to bed - 250 ml of yogurt or sour.

In the practice of losing weight with yogurt and have irregular option. This diet is called striped. The gist of it is that kefir (1%) to drink in a day and the number of "on demand" (or "how much to drink"). Every other day you eat in his usual mode, without any restrictions. Watch their condition and make their own decisions on the termination of kefir meals.

After the holidays with their constant provocation to overeating is very useful for the purification of toxins and the transition to the system is the so-called kefir diet unloading.
Breakfast: 250 ml yogurt.
Snack: 250 ml yogurt, 2 apples.
Lunch: salad or vegetable salad (option - boiled fish, 200 g).
Lunch: 250 ml yogurt.
Dinner: piece of cheese, 2 apples.
Before going to bed - 250 ml yogurt or milk.

When buying yogurt, pay attention to the date of manufacture. High-quality yogurt is not stored more than a week. Best yogurt - three. Distinguish fresh yogurt from the useless simple: overdue unpleasant smell, but on the surface appears translucent liquid similar to serum.
Do not forget that if you have stomach problems (hyperacidity, ulcers), yogurt is used very carefully.

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