Fitness Diet


This diet is fully balanced, you can stick indefinitely. Calorie from 1000 to 1400kKal a day. Besides physical activity is necessary to add up to 30 minutes daily. If you adhere to this regime for a long time - the extra weight goes slowly (up to 5 kg per month), without stress and harm to health. Drink during the diet - green tea, mineral table water, juice - 1, 5 liters per day.
Products distributed by 3 -5 meals. The more meals - the better, the more pronounced the effect.

Exclude all products other than those listed. Salad dressed with olive oil, not mayonnaise, salt in moderation. Change the composition of products is not recommended.

Monday. Fish Day.
Porridge (oats, buckwheat, can be on the low-fat milk) - 150g
Curd 0 - 4, 5% fat - 250g
Soup (in vegetable broth) - 250g
Rye bread - 40g
Boiled rice - 150g
Pink salmon boiled - 150g
Salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, greens - 300g
Olive oil - 10g
Fruit or berries - 200g

Tuesday. Meat Day.
Porridge - 150g
Curd dessert 4, 5% - 250g
Soup - 250g
Vegetable stew - 200g
Beef (beef) Boiled - 200g
Vegetable Salad - 300g
Olive oil - 10g
Fruits and berries - 200g

Wednesday. Egg-milk day.
Porridge - 100g
Curd 4, 5% - 250g
Egg - 100g
Cucumber salad and cabbage - 300g
Olive oil - 10g
Cheesecakes - 250g
Sour cream - 250g
Fruit - 200g

Thursday. Fish Day.
Porridge - 200g
Yogurt - 200g
Butter cakes - 100g
Soup - 250g
Rye bread - 40g
Potatoes - 200g
Pink salmon boiled - 150g
Vegetable Salad - 300g
Bananas - 100g

Friday. Fruit day.
Bananas - 200g
Dried apricots - 100g
Raisins or grapes - 100g
Dates - 100g
Oranges - 100g
Apples - 100g
Yogurt - 250g

Saturday. Chicken day.
Porridge - 150g
Curd dessert - 100g
Egg - 50g
Banana - 100g
Soup - 250g
Rye bread - 40g
Vegetable Salad - 300g
Pasta - 200g
Kura boiled - 100g
Peach juice - 200g
Butter cakes - 50g

Sunday. Checking on the weakness of the body.
You can have everything, but try not to overeat. On the 8th week of the diet should be familiar.

With this mode, reducing the weight comes right, good health is maintained, hunger and physical fatigue are absent.

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