Diets world: cabbage

Diets world: cabbage
 At the end of the twentieth century has been developed by experts cabbage diet to restore the body after surgery. Because of the small amount of calories and a particular set of materials such a diet will be useful to those who want to lose those extra pounds.

There are more than 100 varieties of cabbage varieties, but the Russians, mostly popular cabbage. On the miraculous properties of cabbage founded many different diets, because it is tasty, nutritious, contains a large amount of vitamins and promotes metabolism.

Cabbage as used for cosmetic purposes or therapeutic - it clears the cardiovascular system. Replacing, for example, a side dish during lunch and dinner cabbage for two to three months, it is possible to lose weight without much effort.

Cabbage diet options set. Accordingly, the effectiveness of such diets is different. For example, the simplest cabbage diet is suitable for those who want to lose weight for sure, but it will take longer. Its essence is a five-time use of a hundred grams of beef and coleslaw (also 100 g per meal). Drinks are chosen at will. Result - one kilogram per week.

There are more complex diet that allows you to lose weight by four to five pounds per week. Its essence is to cook special dietary soup with cabbage. The recipe is as follows (5-6 liters of broth): white cabbage - 1 head of medium size onion - 6 pcs., Fresh or canned tomatoes - 4-6 pcs., Green pepper - 2 pcs., Celery - to taste, Add 1 vegetable bouillon cube. Cut vegetables, dip into the broth, add salt, seasoning to taste. Cook until vegetables are tender. The soup is ready. It is eaten in unlimited quantities, but only one day.

If this diet will be delayed for a longer time, it should be added to fruit, vegetables and fish. The fish should be cooked in foil or steamed and used only for dinner. Daily serving of fish should not exceed one hundred and fifty grams.

Diet, which is described below, is designed for ten days, but implies a strict regime. Cabbage cooked in different variations and replace it almost all the dishes. The diet does not include only breakfast consisting of a cup of unsweetened tea or cucumber.

Lunch consists of salad, which includes chopped cabbage and sliced ​​cucumber, dressed with olive oil. After two or three days, the cabbage can be cooked differently: to extinguish it with an egg in a frying pan. Also, do not rule out the sauerkraut.

Generally, in the intervals between meals can be eaten in any quantity cabbage and drink mineral water without gas. And the result of diet will not take long: the tenth day, you can lose five to seven pounds.

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