Diet for seaweed

Diet for seaweed
 Seaweed (kelp) - this is definitely a seaweed beauty and health. In addition to the unique vitamin and mineral composition, kelp have an interesting property - it is able to reduce appetite and well satisfy the hunger. Therefore it is very effective diet based on the use of seaweed.

Laminaria is perfectly balanced by the nature product, so slimming seaweed on favorably differs from other diets in that the body gets all it needs vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

The virtue of diet on seaweed, not only to balance, but in easy portability. Laminaria well fills the stomach, so you do not have to suffer from hunger, which often accompanies any other diet.

The day you can eat 200 to 250 grams of kelp. Sea cabbage diet can be used fresh and dried. Only fresh seaweed require some training:

1. Soak the kelp in cold water for 10 hours (1 part kelp and 8 parts water).

2. Drain and rinse well under running water algae.

3. Boil the sea cabbage in salted water for 15 minutes, then drain the broth.

4. Re-fill kelp water (preferably hot), boil it for another 15 minutes and then drain the water.

5. Again, pour hot water sea kale and cook it for another 15 minutes.

Kelp is not necessarily all the time is, in its purest form. For dinner, for example, make a salad of seaweed and vegetables. Can add to the kelp fresh cucumbers and tomatoes or canned peas. Also suitable boiled vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli and green beans. Salad can be charged with a spoon of vegetable oil.

This diet also allows for eating lean meats. This can be, for example, veal, chicken, turkey or rabbit. On the amount of meat has a limitation: the day you can eat no more than 120 grams. Meat is desirable to boil or cook for a couple.

To add to the diversity of the diet, you can replace meat in a day on one hard-boiled egg. By the way, the egg can be rubbed on a grater and add directly into the sea kale.

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