Diet for a week from Lolita

Diet for a week from Lolita
 If you want to lose weight fast and keep the effect for a long time, try kefir diet famous Russian singer Lolita. To do this, just a little willpower, and for a week you parted with 4-5 pounds overweight.
 Diet Lolita hard enough, so I need to set a goal and tune in to its achievement. The main product of the menu is a 1% low-fat yogurt, because of its diuretic action, however small, from the body takes the excess liquid, washing out toxins. In addition, yogurt is still perfectly stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, normalizing microflora. And also positively affect the absorption of calcium and lactose, cholesterol, and lowers enhances immunity.

Duration Lolita kefir diet - one week, but it's enough to lose up to 5 pounds overweight. And if in the future to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the form of proper nutrition and regular physical activity, the pounds will not come back.

Weekly menu

Day One: 5 boiled potatoes medium sized, 0, 5 liters of 1% yogurt.
Day Two: 100 g of boiled skinless chicken breast, a half liter of 1% yogurt.
Day three: 100 grams of lean meat (boiled without added salt), a half liter of 1% yogurt.
Day four: 100 g lean fish (boiled without salt), a half liter of yogurt.
Day Five: fruits and vegetables (except bananas and grapes) in any quantity.
Day Six: only 1% in any amount yogurt.
Day Seven: only mineral or table water in any quantity.

Weekly Lolita diet is recommended only for healthy people, and not engaged in mental work, because in this case the necessary glucose, and it is not provided in the menu. In addition, the diet has several disadvantages. The complete absence of salt is transferred hard enough. Furthermore, there may be a violation of the intestine. And so limited food intake and prolonged state of hunger provoke stress.

But if you approach weight loss with the help of kefir diet Lolita competent, well-planned menus, without breaking it, after pouncing on a diet is not sweet and fat, the diet of the body will only benefit, as a result of minus 5 kg will remain for a long time.

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