Diet after diet: how to save the results

Diet after diet: how to save the results
 Sounds strange, but losing weight is much easier than to keep the weight obtained after the diet. Losing weight, the man knows his goal, trying to follow the advice planned. Hard, but gets used. But what to eat after weight loss without gaining extra pounds that clog the brain fat and blood vessels, heart burden? And orange peel can also come back!
 So, a diet - it is past. And you start with horror wait for the extra pounds, "ran away" from that for so long. And you know exactly what they come back and always lead to a few more "friends kilogrammchikov."

The most important part of life after the diet is food. Indulging in the diet in some products, so want to buy just a local supermarket that was considered taboo, and eat to satiety. And this is called food breakdown. You should be aware that if the power has been chosen correctly, the body still for 1, 5 months lose weight after a diet. Therefore, failures at this stage the most terrible, because hard-won exchange rate of your weight loss will come to nothing.

Not to break, it is better to sit in a balanced diet that restricts caloric diet, and not strictly prohibits carbohydrate or protein products. Even then, your body during the diet will build eating behavior, which is easier to maintain than then again form other dietary habits.

But there are tips that will help you after a diet to stay in shape. If they stick to a lifetime or longer period of time, you will get rid of extra pounds.

Not entirely true statement that you can not eat after 18.00. Try not to eat food for 3 hours before bedtime. For this rule to get used gradually. And if you really want to eat, do not deny yourself. It is possible to eat corn bread with honey and a cup of tea. Immediately after the diet is not overfill the bowl of food, rejoicing that "polugolodovka" ended. Experts recommend have 5 times a day, but when this portion should not be greater than 150 g

Eliminate all kinds of fast food. Include in the diet of all the products (but in a reasonable amount). Eat right: carefully chew each bite slowly until the condition of slurry. Not quite reasonable and advice to drink 2 liters per day of liquid. If you have a curvy shape, its surplus you will not benefit: they contribute to the deposition in the hips and chest excess fat.

Get rid of snacking will help researched diet. The fight in other ways ineffective. Cultivate a kind of pedantry in the food.

If you start on a diet fitness center, it is necessary to continue employment. They must be regular and enjoyable. If you cause a persistent irritation visiting aerobics, it's time to change something. Try to change direction. Sign up for a swim or belly dancing. We can restrict evening walks: you get and moral pleasure and benefit. Two hours a week, at least, it is necessary to devote to physical stress. Housework can replace fitness. But must work actively. Do your best and high quality, and fast. If you sweat, then produced the desired effect. It's best to buy a suit of Home Affairs bright colors - it adjusts to the desired fashion and invigorates.

Also have to deal with addictions. Alcohol and nicotine zashlakovyvayut body, which leads to excess weight. It is not necessary at all to exclude alcohol. Prefer white wine. Natural dyes, which are in pink and red wines remain on the walls of the stomach and the esophagus, preventing the normal absorption of food. And refrain entirely from the sparkling wine champagne increases appetite.

Erroneous assertion that, quit smoking, people fullness. For weight gain is "deception" of the body with food. That is when you want to smoke a cigarette, a person is looking for a replacement. The danger is that as a substitute serve fruit or candy, in which a lot of sugar, and thinner body is useless.

Another piece of advice - keep weight with pleasure, getting pleasure from the process. The main role here is played by motivation: you do not mistreat your body and fight for harmony! Remember to eat properly - it is useful to play sports - nice not to have bad habits - wonderful! After all, you want to become the most-most, and your mood is to be the most-most.

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