Diet "10 foods"

Diet "10 foods"
 The growing problem of obesity pushes nutritionists around the world to create more and more new diets. Here is one of them, based on the consumption of only 10 components, the so-called diet "10 products."  

This kind of struggle with excess weight based on the theory that food should be consumed only the specified list of products that, according to experts, the most useful for weight loss. Thus, the top 10:

1. Lean chicken. It is an excellent source of protein, without the normal functioning of the body is impossible.
2. Chicken eggs. Also key to the nutrients. It would be nice to start with them their morning.
3. Cucumber, because calories are minimum.
4. Tomatoes.
5. Kefir.
6. Squash.
7. Eggplant.
8. Butter or cauliflower.
9. Mushrooms.
10. Apples.

The principle is simple and somewhat similar to other types of diets: more vitamins and essential trace elements, a little protein and no sweets. This method is in some sense immediately clearly delineates the menu: this is possible, and it is better not to buy. By the way, to the main list should be added to green tea, a spoonful of honey a day, onions, a drop of olive oil and fresh herbs. But it's just nice additions, because to eat a kilo of onions and dill in a day is not possible.

According to the instructions to the diet is recommended to consume no more than one and a half kilograms of these products a day, but that does not mean that the environment should eat an incredible amount of eggs, and on Friday - apples. All ingredients should be combined and cook full meals, as it will be nice and helpful, and are guaranteed to put into the body the necessary vitamins in the correct proportions.

What is the rate of weight loss on this diet? The results may be different: a lot depends on the state of your health, metabolic rate and volumes themselves overweight. Fatty able to lose all 10 pounds of the hated, and the girl experiencing diet for prevention and not in need of reducing body weight - about 1-2. These figures are obtained from the application of the methodology for calculating week. It should be repeated and recalled that a diet "10 products" can become the foundation of your future system of healthy nutrition for entire life. The more that the list of products just will not let you starve.

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