Diet "If soon the New Year"

If diet soon the New Year "
 Soon the New Year, and of course every woman in New Year's Eve wants to look perfect. But, unfortunately, it often happens that a few extra pounds do not allow to wear your favorite dress. Declare war on excess weight, especially since before the new year there is still time.
 Women who are used to plan everything in advance, think about the correction of the figure, about six weeks before the New Year's Eve. During this time, you can lose three to five pounds, if you sit on a contrasting diet.

 The meaning of this diet is that during the day you can have only one product, and in a completely normal amounts. This method of feeding gives a good shake your body as a whole, in particular the slow metabolism. As a result - without the heavy and harmful fasting you effectively lose weight. Plus, this diet is that returning to the usual diet dropped pounds can not be restored. Since during this diet does not slow down your metabolism.

 Terms of contrasting diets:

 - During the day, drink only some one product;

 - Alternate days with carbohydrate and protein food. Best of all, when they alternate on a "2 by 2";

 - On a day when you eat protein foods are permitted (optional): braised or roasted grilled chicken, eggs, low-fat fish or beef, any dairy drink;

 - On a day when you eat carbohydrate foods also have a choice of possible: any vegetables raw or stewed (except potatoes), any fruit except grapes and bananas, brown or wild rice;

 - Eat the day as much as you want, you should not feel hunger. On average for day to eat about one kilogram of fruit or vegetables, about 300-400g rice (dry weight), 500-750g fish, meat or cheese, 6 eggs, 1, 5 liters of yogurt. The volume can be slightly increased if all of the above for you a little;

 - Try not to eat salt. Replace sugar on the sweetener. Forget the ketchup and mayonnaise;

- Eat more fluid. Best drink, green tea or mineral water without gas;

- Buy any vitamin and mineral preparation, because this diet is not balanced.

 If you think about the extra pounds and a half months before the holiday, then you enough for 2-3 days a week to eat by the rules contrast diet.

 Remembered about overweight 15 days before New Year's Eve, then you need to strictly abide by the principles of this diet.

 A week later - the New Year! 7 days to somehow lose weight! For women, nothing is impossible! The rules remain the same, but absolutely do not use salt in the "protein" days eating only chicken, cottage cheese and yogurt with a fat content of 1%, and in the "carbohydrate" days only vegetables or apples.

 Ladies, be graceful and dazzling in this New Year's Eve.

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