Diet "6 petals": losing weight easily

Diet "6 petals": losing weight easily
 This diet was developed by a dietician Anna Johansson from Sweden and is based on the body's response to the alternation of food intake. Within 6 days every day offers different menus, but in all cases the protein carbohydrate day follows. Hunger practically tested and pounds go away easily.
 In fact, diet 6 petals, reviews of which are mostly positive, reminiscent of a separate food in which proteins are not mixed with carbohydrates. Lipolysis is due to the fact that because of the daily change of food the body does not have time to go into power saving mode that often occurs when many diets. Due to this day are lost from 500 to 1000 grams.

The author of this power supply system is not in vain called her "diet 6 petals." As a psychological basis, it proposes to draw a flower with an appropriate amount of petals, hang it in a prominent place at the end of each day to tear off one by one. If before this write on the petal number of lost grams per day, the diet will be even more interesting.

Menu of this diet involves alternation of proteins and carbohydrates on the principle of mono-diet, which lasts no more than a day. In this case includes internal mechanisms by which the body burns its own actively accumulated fat reserves. Special catalyst becomes alternation products.

Opens protein week day during which permitted dietary fish dishes. It can cook stew in their own juice, cook in a double boiler, but do not fry.

Fish for the day should be a vegetable. Gifts of nature can be eaten raw or boiled. Six petals diet does not prohibit the use of potatoes, but we must remember that there is quite a lot of starch, so it's best not to abuse them.

The third day of the diet - meat. Ideal for him any meat chicken without skin, boiled or grilled. You can eat a diet of beef, rabbit or turkey.

Protein meals again replace carbohydrate. At this time of the day for any allowed to eat cereals prepared on water and sugar.

The fifth day of the diet involves eating cottage cheese. Its scope is not limited, but, in practice, dry eat it too unlikely to succeed.

Last day diet - fruit. He makes up for the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.

Just a diet, you can lose 4 to 6 pounds, the weight goes especially easy for those who first decided to try this power supply circuit.

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