Corn silk slimming

Corn silk slimming
 Each woman can sometimes happen a little trouble: opening the wardrobe, she was horrified may find that favorite dress was a bit crowded. What to do if there is no fitness time and effort from the word "diet" reduces the stomach, and so want to look beautiful? In this case, you will help to simple folk remedy - corn silk.

Corn silk - a female flowers of maize, located on the long tail fiber. They are the most valuable component of a variety of teas for weight loss. At the same time corn silk could have a great effect and as an independent means.

Decoction of corn stigmas reduces appetite, cleanses the body, improving metabolism, lowers cholesterol and reduces hunger. With a strong choleretic and mild diuretic effect, it helps to restore the balance of salt and gradually normalize weight. However, one should take into account these properties of corn stigmas and drink a day for at least 2 liters of water (excluding soups, tea and other liquids) to avoid dehydration and to reduce the burden on the kidneys.

It should be noted that the infusion of corn stigmas able to provide your body with a host of beneficial vitamins. It consists of both well-known to all vitamins C, K, and B vitamins, and quite rare materials such as zeaxanthin, sitosterol, quercetin, pyruvic and pantothenic acid. And of course, it is worth remembering about krovevosstanavlivayuschie, as well as anti-inflammatory properties of corn stigmas.

To prepare the infusion slimming, you need to take 1 teaspoon of dry (or 1 dessert spoon fresh) corn stigmas, pour them a glass of boiling water and simmer for 1 minute. Cooked decoction should insist for an hour in a dark place, strain and drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

It should be remembered that the decoction is not recommended to leave the next day. That is, it is necessary to prepare for one day only. This infusion is the sensation of hunger and helps control appetite, and with it your weight.

With regular use of a decoction of corn stigmas, you can lose weight in a couple of months to 5-7 kg effortlessly. But it is necessary to be careful because there are contraindications to receiving this money. It is not necessary to use the corn silk during menstruation. Wait until the end of the second day and start receiving broth. People suffering from thrombophlebitis, or varicose veins should also refuse to accept broth diet of corn stigmas, as this can cause an increase in the number of platelets and lead to blood clots.

When gallstone or kidney stones need to be examined by a doctor to be sure that taking a decoction of corn stigmas will not cause movement of large stones. In this case, there is a danger that large stones can block the bile passages and mochetochnye.

It is believed that beauty will save the world, so a woman should always be beautiful. And that is not natural gifts as can support feminine charm inside, nourish force and help to cope with temporary difficulties?

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