Cabbage Soup Diet Sarah Michelle Gellar

Cabbage Soup Diet Sarah Michelle Gellar
 Cabbage is not only almost the whole range of vitamins, but also has to slow down the weight of the property. Sarah Michelle Gellar has considered it useful as a vegetable, and has developed its Cabbage Soup Diet.
 American actress says that her diet allows you to lose up to 4, 5 kg. The essence of the diet is very simple: you can eat for a week cabbage soup, which is complemented by any vegetables, fish or chicken. Cabbage soup fills the stomach and hunger disappears. In addition to soup allowed to eat any fruit. The diet is good because it allowed foods you can eat in unlimited quantities. But not everyone has the willpower, and are able to eat cabbage week.

Cabbage Soup Diet is really effective, and allows you to lose weight. But it is not burned fat and carbohydrate reserves, because the low-fat diet. Instead of fat burned muscle mass.

This diet is more suitable for the purification of the body when you need to lose a few pounds, acquired during the holidays.

Care should be taken to such a diet, excess cabbage can upset the gut. If you have a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, it is to avoid a similar diet. Besides, bad diet is balanced, the body does not get enough useful elements. Often there are metabolic disorders in dieters.

Long cabbage diet change habitual eating behavior. In the transition to normal diet carbohydrate reserves to return to its original position, and therefore, the meaning in the diet was zero. To save weight and not gain dropped pounds should be in the future to use low-calorie food. Avoid fried foods, soft drinks, flour and sweet. Take care to drink a day for at least 2, 5 liters of water.

Such a diet should not be delayed. Desirably three alternate day cabbage diet weeks with low-calorie meals. In this case, your body will get enough protein and carbohydrates, which means that health will not be harmed.

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