Phytotherapy: herbs for weight loss

Phytotherapy: herbs for weight loss
 Herbal medicine is very effective in the fight against excess weight. In addition, it helps bring the body of toxins and wastes. The beauty of the method lies in the fact that weight loss occurs smoothly and without exhausting diets, and the result is usually a marked and persistent.
 For weight loss, there are many herbal. Each of them is effective in its own way and has some special features. The most painless for the body is losing weight using herbal appetite suppressants. Swollen, they fill the stomach, causing the feeling of hunger blunted. This group may include grass, creating in the stomach mucous film and slow down the digestive process. These include: spirulina, flax seed, angelica officinalis, marshmallow root, and many others.

Grass from the following group are effective only if the extra weight is caused by excess fluid in the body. They normalize the functioning of kidneys and has a diuretic effect. Are most effective in this case leaves cranberries, field horsetail, bear ears, burdock.

Herbs, normalize digestion, are also required for effective weight loss. These include barberry, dandelion, immortelle, corn silk.

The traditional way of losing weight is to use herbs that have laxative effect. In this group, the most popular laxative zhoster, buckthorn bark, anise, cumin and senna leaf.

There are also plants that promote burning of calories. This ginger, turmeric and rosemary. Their advantage is that they normalize metabolic processes, and the downside of their ability to increase appetite. If you decide to use these herbs for weight loss, monitor the amount of food in the diet.

Weight loss is rarely used any particular herb have the greatest effect charges. From each group of plants selected by one, they are ground, mixed. Tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiled water for an hour and take 3-4 times a day.

During weight loss the body is experiencing an increased need for vitamins, so you can add to the collection of wild rose, currants, raspberries and rowan.

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