How to lose weight with the help of hardware cosmetology

How to lose weight with the help of hardware cosmetology
 Hardware cosmetology allows you to lose weight in a short time, but it ensures long-term result. The impact of vehicles on the human body leads to an improvement of blood circulation, accelerate the process of metabolism and cell regeneration.

Hardware cosmetology - is the choice of employed ladies who need visible results in a short time. In contrast to classical cosmetology, its hardware counterpart acts on a deeper level and accelerates the body's metabolic processes. As a consequence - a quick effect which, however, is stored for a long time.

Modern cosmetic devices are known for delicate effects on the body, which leads to surprising results.

Some of them - an infrared cabin. In order to effect thermal effect was noticeable before visiting the cab body wrap with cling film. It is not necessary to be afraid of. Even those who love cool it does not threaten heat stroke. While in the cockpit person experiences a delicate and soft effect. The fact that the infrared rays penetrate into the body to a depth of 4-5 cm deep heating occurs, but not overheating. But when such action in the fifth minute there is an active sweating and displays 25% of all toxins.

Very popular today lymphatic drainage apparatus. It helps to cope with the swelling. The main reason for edema - lymph stagnation. The device performs the special moves that help to pump it to the lymph nodes, where the filtering occurs. Thereafter, the lymph is returned to the lymphatics.

Another "magic" means - a vibrating platform. This horizontal installation that produces horizontal vibrations. Thus it makes fat cells to engage in an intensive metabolism and disappear without a trace. Despite the active vibration, people do not feel any fatigue or increased heart rate. At such installations ancient Greeks prepared their athletes to the Olympic Games.

Apparatus Starvac - making the finishing touches to the portrait of slim lady with a supple and smooth skin. After parting with overweight skin often loses its tone, reduced turgor. To avoid this, it is necessary to drain the skin further. Starvac - it is nothing like a vacuum drainage apparatus. The skin after exposure to the vacuum really gets lost elasticity.

To consolidate the results of hardware cosmetology must follow a special diet. It can only appoint a dietitian. Before completing the procedure on the unit should undergo a mandatory consultation of the doctor-physiotherapist.

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