How to lose weight on buckwheat diet

How to lose weight on buckwheat diet
 If you plan to stroynet by restricting the diet, but do not want the appearance of apathy, fatigue and sleepiness, you one way - buckwheat diet. It will not only reduce your volume, but with the right approach, healthier body.

Buckwheat diet, which in Russia is not yet appreciated, has certain advantages because it:

- Is based on natural foods: buckwheat - one of the few products that genetically modified so far failed;
- Nourishes the hair strength and shine;
- Strengthens teeth and nails;
- Smoothes the skin, nourishing it with all the necessary trace elements;
- Cleanses the body;
- And, of course, helps to lose weight.

Keep buckwheat diet a week or two, then make a break for a month and, if necessary, repeat again.

Cooking recipe for a main dish of buckwheat diet is simple: Pour boiling water (you will need about half a cup of water) glass washed and cleaned buckwheat, left overnight. In the morning steamed buckwheat can be eaten! If the resulting cup of porridge is not enough for you, do the same in the morning serving - for the evening.

Do not add salt or buckwheat, no oil, no mayonnaise, no sugar. To improve the taste of the product can be mixed cereal with pieces of dried fruit. Together with the main course is acceptable to use natural juices without sugar (but not much), yogurt, herbs and unsweetened green tea.

Develop menu carefully, although it would make visible the diversity of food, otherwise monotonous diet very soon get bored, and there is a risk to break something ill, but very tasty.

The last meal is better to do three to four hours before bedtime. And do not eat a large amount of time for food: divide it into several meals. In this case, the stomach will shrink in size, and after the diet you will have a lot less than before. This will have no chance of extra pounds.

And, of course, do not forget about health. Be sure to take vitamins in the diet, and if you feel weak, you can afford a spoonful of honey with tea. Occasionally necessary to add to the buckwheat soy sauce or a little salt: it is also fraught with lack of malaise. When considered approach buckwheat diet will bring you a guaranteed success!

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