Herbal teas and herbal teas for weight loss

Herbal teas and herbal teas for weight loss
 Special herbal formulations for weight loss - a quick and easy way to throw a few pounds overweight. They are actively used by those who sit on uncomfortable handling diets do not have time to visit the gym or just want to get results without much effort.
 Infusions and teas are prepared in different ways, but the essence is the same - you have to brew a certain amount of dry grass with hot water and wait until the composition will give all the properties of the liquid. You can then apply a drink for weight loss and body cleansing. Basic rules for the preparation of infusions Slimming:

- Can not be mixed flowers of the plant and its leaves - brew grass, stems and leaves separately and to prepare a new batch of flowers water;
- Use pure spring or distilled water;
- To receive the infusion should not pour boiling water over the grass, and only boil water (until blisters);
- Insist drink at least two hours;
- If you cook the tea, the grass should be thoroughly crushed and filled with boiling water (standard time of preparation of the drink is from 3 to 8 minutes).

Buy dry mixture only at the pharmacy. Choosing a dry composition ready for weight loss, always check the label, do not purchase teas with added flavorings, colorings and other chemical constituents. Pay attention to contraindications and the promised effect - if the package has information that tea not only burns fat, but also eliminates the passing of a number of diseases, set it aside.

If you want to prepare a composition for infusion yourself, then you will need to stock up on dried herbs. Very effective teas from the root, buckthorn, blackberry, rowan, hop cones, dandelion, etc. Mix blackberry leaves, birch, mother and stepmother (8: 1: 1), pour boiling water (1:20) and leave for about 20 minutes. Infusion of cool and drink before the meal one glass.

Stir dandelion root, buckthorn, parsley, fennel seeds and mint leaves (1: 3: 1: 1) and stored dry grass in a tin. To prepare the drink each time separate the three tablespoons of the mixture, pour this amount of grass liter of boiling water and leave for four hours. Drink this infusion to an empty stomach, before meals.

Prepare a mixture of dried rowan berries, nettles or wild rose (7: 3), pour 400 g of boiling water and wait 10 minutes. Ready infusion drink half a cup between meals.

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