When the work is injurious to health

When the work is injurious to health
 There are several factors that negatively affect the body and cause the generation of "professional" disease. To maintain health, you must watch your diet and daily routine.
 "Harmful" work related to the presence of dust affects the respiratory system, the emotional overload - the nervous, lack of physical activity - to muscle tissue, etc. Among other factors can be identified noise, working with metals and alloys, work with chemicals, the risk of accident and so on.

Try to choose a place of employment on the basis of the presence or absence of any disease or predisposition to them. For example, people with hearing loss should not go on too noisy environments (factories, construction production), those with sore feet, it is not recommended to choose the "standing" of the profession (salespersons, hairdressers), etc.

If your occupation is associated with emotional overload (actors, journalists, medical professionals, representatives of the service sector), try to follow this daily routine, which would allow you to take a break to disengage from the workflow. In your work requires at least one, or even better - a few leaves, so you can have a chance to recover.

Among the general recommendations of the experts focus on regular 8-hour sleep, which helps the body to gain strength, and proper nutrition. The diet should be balanced depending on the nature of work, for example, those whose daily work requires a lot of physical effort necessary to increase the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, "sedentary" workers - to reduce the consumption of high-calorie foods, etc.

Try not to choose the work associated with night shifts and rarely linger after a working day, otherwise it is fraught with lack of time to rest, dizziness, weakness, headaches, weakening immunity, etc. Do not forget about taking a multivitamin, secures a full weekend, as well as any ailment, consult a doctor.

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