How to protect yourself from gastritis

How to protect yourself from gastritis
 Quite popular disease of the digestive system is chronic gastritis, which can occur in both adults and children. The causes of this disease are quite a few: stress, excessive worrying, improper and irregular meals, bad heredity, etc.  
 If from the beginning not to start taking care of your body, stop the development of gastritis can be very difficult. However, it is still possible to protect themselves from the brightest of its manifestations. For example, you can get rid of abdominal pain and "the stomach", heartburn, nausea and belching, problems with stool, loss of appetite, pallor, apathy, etc.

The best way to protect yourself from gastritis - go to the right gentle power. This is particularly important in the autumn, when the disease is acute. In the list of activities that will help you cope with the illness the following points:

Prepare only the right foods. In particular, steam food, bake in oven until crust rough, etc.

 Eat vegetables, which is best served as a puree. In particular, this pumpkin, potatoes, cauliflower, zucchini, beets, carrots. Daily consumption of 100-150 grams of these products.

 Try to eat often, but a little. It would be very nice if you get 5-6 small portions at different times.

Eliminate the following products: cabbage and turnips, sorrel and onions, spinach and radishes, beans, millet porridge and garlic, as well as chocolate chips, nuts and alcohol. You also contraindicated in fast food and carbonated drinks.

Eat soup, for the preparation of which was used slimy broth, vegetables and grains. They can fill with cream or butter.

Meat you can eat veal, beef, turkey, chicken and rabbit. But in any case it should be without tendons and skin, as well as be steamed or broth.

Fish that can be on your table, is also limited: hake, perch, cod.

Do not forget about the benefits of various cereals. In order to diversify their menu mix different types.

Only proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can protect you from gastritis.

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