How to improve the well-being

How to improve the well-being
 There are periods of poor health. Like fatigue fell upon excessive burden with which hard to move, not in the mood, the eyes do not shine, the hair becomes dull and split. This may be due to common voltage, stress or illness. At such times, it is necessary to gather and support the body, observing the rules of a healthy lifestyle.
 Spend more time outdoors, especially on sunny days. Walk should last at least 20-25 minutes. If you work in an office and basically sit, try more often to get up from a chair, walk on office space, if possible - the stairs. At the entrance to walk up the stairs, at least part of the way.

Drink clean water, have breakfast in the morning. Particularly useful oatmeal with berries or fruit. Or just eat an apple and drink tea with honey. Eat only fresh and quality products. Do not overeat. Dark chocolate and bananas - sources of serotonin, which means - joy.

Teach yourself to exercise every day doing stretching, it helps to relax the muscles, remove prevents a person bodily clips. Keep good posture and gait, straightens his shoulders, watch the expression on his face. Easy half-smile lift your mood and arrange to you others.

Yoga or mantra-yoga can help you feel better. Mantra - is a sound meditation, it calms a person gives him a sense of connection with the world, filled with energy. Be sure to get enough sleep. A good healthy sleep - good health and vigor. Learn how to breathe deeply and evenly. In summer, when you're outdoors, go barefoot more. Pleasant tingling in the feet - this massage are beneficial to the body.

Take time to his hobby. No matter what you enjoy doing in your spare time to embroider, watching TV, cheering for the football team, listen to music, to repair the car ... the main thing - let it brings pleasure.

Smile more often, consciously rejoice in the new day, you know, the landscape around you, try to experience positive emotions. Communicate, if possible, with those with whom you are comfortable, pleasant, interesting. Let around you are positive people.

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