Sex or sleep?

Sex or sleep?
 Time dictates its own requirements. And if before people had time to not only work and sleep, but also to visit the exhibition, go to dances or to the movies, but now sometimes forced to choose between the most necessary. After all the time is not enough. Cook dinner or clean dust? Buy products or wash floors? Wash clothes or relax? Even goes so far that people are forced to choose between sex and sleep. It would be desirable and that, and another. But for some time and, on the other does not.  

You, as usual, flew home late at night. With one hand, prepared snack, another feed the cat / dog / parrot pick up clothes for the next day, took a shower. And now the night, with a square head and feet buzzing you fell on the cool sheets. And next is so near and dear people. And you remember that sex was not a very long time ...

At the same time, your partner, too, remembers this misunderstanding, pulls hands to you, hoping that today so you will be able to give it time. And in your head at this time spinning whirlpool of thoughts. On the one hand you really want sex, but late at night, a few hours to get up again and run to work. What to choose? A few hours of sleep or delightful sex, which will take the remains of time and effort?

It is very difficult to solve. But still possible. Each option has its pros and cons. But, most likely, have sex plus more. After making love - it is not only pleasant sensations. For example, health genital and pelvic organs depends on the regular sex. In men, it is also the prevention of prostatitis. A definite plus.

Sex also acts as an analgesic through the release of endorphins, improves immunity by increasing the antibody immunoglobulin reduces the pain of subsequent menses due to uterine contractions. Plus, you lose calories, that is actually doing sports. And it will help you to adjust the figure. For every ten minutes you can spend up to 120 calories. And it is not enough.

But still want to sleep. Even those few hours, you may not be enough to feel comfortable the next day. What would happen if you now spend precious time for sex? Sure, will walk all day as sleepy fly. And you want to postpone sex in the morning, for tomorrow, for next Thursday ...

But here in my head frightened bird there is another thought. It beats and makes you fall asleep. After all, if you and your partner will not have sex, he may find that someone else. And indeed it is. A person who does not receive something in the relationship, trying to find it on the side. And not the fact that it is your spouse will wait for next Thursday to get their dose of sexual satisfaction.

And now, adding all the advantages of sex, you can choose not sleep. And it will be a very wise choice. After all, no matter what life was like for a loved one should always find time.

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