Why the need for an air ionizer

Why the need for an air ionizer
 We often hear that the air in the streets dirty, and how it affects health. But the air in homes and apartments can be even worse in quality, because stagnant. Therefore it is recommended to ventilate the room as often as possible. Also make the air fresher can ionizers.
 The so-called "live" air contains negatively charged ions - molecules with a free electron in stock. This air is usually in the woods, in the mountains and the sea. In the same premises, typically, the positive ions predominate, which lacks the electron. These free radicals, which take the missing electron from the cells, which promotes a more rapid aging of the organism, chronic fatigue.

In the first half of the XX century Russian scientist AL Chizhevsky created the first air ionizers - the so-called Chizhevskogo chandeliers. He proved the existence of anti-aging and health-improving effect, which has a negative ions (antioxidants) in the body. Penetrating into the bloodstream, they restore the negative charge of the cells. As a result, activation of metabolic processes, and people feel more alert and energetic.

Chizhevskogo experiments have shown that the experimental rats in the presence of ionizers were aging more slowly and lived much longer. The scientist and his colleagues have lived and worked in these areas for about forty years. To use them in their homes the party leadership. Scientist hoped ionizers soon enter into daily life.

Today in sale is compact enough ionizers, which simultaneously clean the air and make it healthier. Purification occurs due to the fact that the negative ions to the microparticles adhere dust and the latter falling to the floor.

Ionizers are for building, automotive and portable, which can be hung on the chest. They are sold in the shops and stores of medical equipment.

When you select a device, ensure the quality, reputation in the firm. Ozone concentration should not exceed health standards. There are other important parameters.

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