What prevents us to sleep well? Pillows, food and bad habits

What prevents us to sleep well? Pillows, food and bad habits
 To feel good about themselves, be cheerful and efficient, you need to sleep well. And for this it is necessary not only to have a comfortable bed and dressed with cushions, but also comply with a number of additional conditions.  

First of all, poor sleep may be due to non-compliance of the day. The most suitable mode for a good sleep - at one and the same time to go to bed and wake up. Also, before going to bed should be observed daily ritual. This can be a teeth cleaning, cool shower, comfortable clothing for sleeping, reading your favorite book. Every day you need to perform the same actions before going to bed that will precede sleep.

Dinner should be light and not later than 3-4 hours before bedtime. If at night to eat heavy meals close, then sleep may be successful, but sleep will be difficult and intermittent. Organism per night is restored and the person will feel themselves disgusting all the next day. The maximum that can be consumed before going to bed, it's a cup of yogurt or milk with honey. Coffee and strong tea to be drunk during dinner. If you drink caffeinated beverages after 14 hours, it can cause poor sleep or insomnia.

Negative effect on the quality of sleep uncomfortable pillow and blanket. These items need to be selected in accordance with its own characteristics. If someone likes to sleep under a heavy blanket, then you need to choose the appropriate. The ideal pillow should take the form of the head and does not cause discomfort in the spine. If a cervical spine there are any problems, orthopedic pillow is best to buy.

As we all know smoking is bad at all, and smoking before bedtime causes special damage. Smoked cigarette can cause constriction and spasm of blood vessels, stress and insomnia. Therefore, if it is absolutely impossible to stop smoking, do not smoke at least at bedtime.

For air quality sleep in the bedroom should be fresh, the temperature is lower than in all rooms. In a stuffy and hot room is impossible to fall asleep quickly and sleep well.

Before going to bed should not drink alcoholic beverages. The fact that alcohol helps sleep - this is another fiction. Sleep-it may be possible, but the quality of sleep will not give your body rest and recover.

Also can harm sleep loud music, which is included in the evening, militants, horror and intense exercise.

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