We leave the stress without medication

We leave the stress without medication
 It is believed that only a protracted depression need to see a doctor and with the stresses that often occur on an almost daily basis, we can handle ourselves. Only a fraction of this "initiative" stress does not go away and even begins to oppress us stronger ... What are we doing wrong and how to fix it?

Replace coffee mineral water and green tea. Yes, the coffee you get fitter, work energetically, and believe that you can do anything. However, coffee negates the natural protective reaction of the organism, which is vital early vacation. US scientists have proved that only one cup of coffee tones and following too accelerate the synthesis of adrenaline and noradrenaline, which again leads to stress.

Do not eat sweets. Everyone loves a third jam stress something tasty. Sugar - carbohydrates, which means that it increases the amount of serotonin, which acts calming. Only for a similar rise in blood sugar levels is its sharp decline, and it is very bad for the figure and health in general. Scientists have proven that to defeat stress enough 40 - 55 grams of high-carb meal, and it does not necessarily have to be candy or cookies. Enough pieces of fried bread or half a banana!

Do not drink alcohol to relax and relieve stress. Yes, small amounts of drinks with degrees affect us reassuringly. However, even in small doses, alcohol increases the body cortisol levels; it depresses the immune system and gets in the cardiovascular system. It is better to relax and invigorate using light gymnastics, Pilates or walking long distances. Just do not overdo it! Active participation in team sports, as well as boxing and martial arts, by contrast, are exciting and increase nervousness and aggressiveness.

It is not necessary to get angry and shout. It would seem: splashed accumulated irritation (sometimes for the first man) - and relieved. But this impression is deceptive. After some time after the outbreak of anger anxiety back. Man begins to berate myself for misbehavior. The number of stress hormones grows again. Better initially not to overload yourself chores, all clearly planning, discarding unnecessary and evenly distributing responsibilities - and then "pour out wrath" is not required.

No need to "withdraw into themselves" and to represent the worst-case scenarios, cause stress. Here, too, need logic - above all, the ability to properly post a list of the most important and not so important things. And not pounded deep feelings to himself, hiding them from everyone. Sometimes it is useful to talk.

Weep a little bit! Under the influence of negative emotions in the body releases oxytocin, prompting to seek help and care. In tears contained the stress hormone cortisol, which the body get rid of the "cleared" of the voltage.

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