Ultraviolet: friend or foe?

Ultraviolet: friend or foe?
 For each time is characterized by its fashion trends, which literally everything: fashion, walk, figure, and even skin color. Today in fashion dark skin and chocolate tan. Moreover, we all know that natural tan useful.  

Exclusively due to the sun in the human body to produce vitamin D, which is essential for normal functioning of the body, strengthen the immune system. Children suffering from rickets, even prescribed sunbathing, because vitamin D is able to get rid of this disease.

And direct ultraviolet rays give a person not only a pleasant color, but also relieve her from all sorts of pimples. This is especially true oily skin, as the sun's rays contribute to the release of excess water and drying.

In addition, the dry sunny Bathrooms are often recommended for the treatment of various bronchial diseases. It even happens that it is virtually the mainstay of treatment.

It turns out that from the sun tanning person receives continuous use !? Whatever the case. Solar radiation poses a serious threat yet.

Firstly, excessive exposure to sunlight on the skin contributes to its early aging. No wonder in the days of Czarist Russia white skin was considered a sign of aristocracy. Great ladies tried to avoid direct sunlight, in order to preserve the freshness and youthfulness of the skin.

Secondly, the solar radiation can lead to skin cancer. And it is much more serious accelerated aging. Therefore, it is not recommended for too long and are often in direct sunlight, especially during its peak activity. This is especially true for people having white skin. People, dark by nature, it is permissible to sunbathe a little more, but abuse is not worth it.

Third, sunbathing contraindicated for people with lots of moles or birthmarks large areas. This may also lead to malignant tumors. Also not recommended to stay in the sun for people who have blood pressure problems, like high blood pressure and gipotonikam. Unlimited sunbathing can lead to a spike in pressure, which increases the risk of stroke.

Thus, ultraviolet rays, on the one hand, are healing, but on the other - disastrous. Therefore, sunbathe need within reason, according to the individual characteristics of the organism.

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