Night work stomach hurts?

Night work stomach hurts?
 There are people who have to work at night. These are doctors and policemen, security guards and managers, truckers, or simply those who after the main work gets to the computer for the night part time. However, if this situation lasts for years, may come irreparable harm to health, because a night schedule harmful.

Those who are forced to work or just used the night shift, can earn, at best, heartburn, and at worst - chronic constipation or stomach ulcers. The fact that, according to the nature of the gastro-intestinal system of the person should rest at night, so provided.

If a person instead of sleep at night, sitting up late, he knocks her biological clock and runs the risk of all sorts of disorders. For example, according to a 20-year study, researchers from Harvard University, night work leads to cancer of the colon. This is due to the fact that working the night shift people reduced the content of the hormone melatonin. Normally it more than anything in the middle of the night, but if you turn on the light, melatonin levels decrease. If you do not sleep regularly, melatonin is getting smaller. Scientists have suggested that it is melatonin inhibits the development of tumors.

Action Canada Statistics Canada investigated the working day and night, and stress factors of each group. It was found that those who worked at night, often complained of stress and trouble, and this is - a direct path to a stomach ulcer.

Physicians believe that the lack of a night's sleep can not be compensated, relaxing afternoon. After all, human biorhythms - something constant and immutable, they are not rebuilt, even in years of night work. It is believed that the most harmful - multi-week night work and not alternating schedule of night-day. Therefore, to better preserve the health of night work or refuse a few months to change the schedule for the night the day, so the body can relax.

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