How useful Russian bath

How useful Russian bath
 In today's rapidly developing world, at a furious pace, it is important to maintain vitality. And this helps Russian bath! If the choice between urban baths and its own bathhouse, of course, the choice will be in favor of the latter. Bath - a great tool for relaxation, prevention and treatment of various diseases.
 Bath, or rather its vapor, promotes sweating, and with then go out of our body toxins. Under the beneficent heat expands the pores, the skin is cleansed from dirt and salt. Blood begins to move faster through the vessels, improves metabolism. Breathe freely and easily. During his stay in the sauna the body loses a lot of moisture, so after a bath so thirsty. But doctors advise not to drink after a bath more than half a cup of water, and for two hours is not.

Regular visits to the Russian bath helps to ensure that fewer people ill, as a pair of miraculous power strengthens the immune system. Especially beneficial effect alternation of high and low temperatures. When you are bathing, body temperature rises to 39 degrees, most harmful microorganisms are killed. The air is clean in the steam room, you can say, sterile, because if you use the sauna frequently, microorganisms are rapidly disappearing from the high temperatures.

Very good bath helps with sciatica and joint pain. But you need to follow some rules: steamed like a massage, in the centers of pain. The best remedy for this "massage" - birch broom. Aroma essential oil of birch leaves are beneficial to health. Massage broom - an art that consists of a "discharge" couple slaps, stroking, rubbing, stretching leafy part of the broom.

Of great importance is the residence time in the steam room and, of course, the temperature in the steam room. Numerous studies have shown that consumption of oxygen in the steam is increased by 25 - 30% air at a temperature of 45-50 ° C and at 60-70 ° C - 50%. Increased heart rate. Breathing quickens, but there is no danger to the body. Amazing fact: people suffering from coronary heart disease, visit the bath with contrasting treatments (steam room, cold pool or tub with water) does not cause angina attack.

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