How to train vision

How to train vision
 Train view - is a set of preventive measures aimed at the preservation, maintenance and protection of normal vision on various factors that have a negative impact on it.
 For training of view there are specific exercises. Perform their best in the daytime on the nature or standing at the window. Secure opinion on any subject at the distance, and then turn your head to the right, return to the starting position and turn your head to the left. Perform 10 turns in both directions.

Repeat each of the following exercises 5 times from a sitting position. Sit back, take a deep breath, exhale and bend forward. Cover your eyes, zazhmurte stronger and re-open eyelids. Look up and make the eyes more circular motions clockwise and then counterclockwise.

Another method of training the eyes - temperature exposure. To do this, take two cloth napkins and one of them soak in hot water as much as possible, and the second - in the ice. Attach a hot towel to the eyes and leave for 2 minutes, and then switch to cold and hold for about 30 seconds.

Normalize blood flow to the optic bodies using a special breathing exercises. To do this you need to take a deep breath and hold your breath, then bend the body at the waist and legs - knees, head down to the level of the heart and exhale.

The next training method is exposure to sunlight. He helps to relax the eye muscles and stimulates the iris. To exercise cover the left eye palm, and the right look for the sun and begin to blink rapidly. Continue to firmly close the lid and break up until not cause discomfort. Repeat the same for the right eye, and then cover with both hands and Century rest your eyes.

In order to achieve through training really good results, be sure to pay attention to your diet. Enter it products that promote health visual organs. These include greens, carrots, apples, walnuts, seaweed, honey and blueberries.

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