How to stay healthy in the winter

How to stay healthy in the winter
 Winter is not only the holidays sometimes, but "colds season." Not to be afraid to miss all the fun, lying at home with the temperature, follow these simple tips.
 Not to give away body heat, the cold reflex narrowed vessels, including coronary. It is fraught with heart attack. He is much more vulnerable to men, however, dress warmly in the winter you need everything. Wear a hat. Head hypothermia can lead to unconsciousness or weakness, chronic migraines and neuralgia of the nerves of the face. A warm hood even better caps, as it closes more and neck. But if too hood keeps your peripheral vision, the protection throat scarf.

Try to wear clothes made of natural fabrics. Do not forget gloves to avoid skin irritation earn from cold - pimples. Remember also that warm underwear - not necessarily ugly and uncomfortable. It protects women from numerous diseases. Men's underpants maintain the temperature regime of male genitalia, which is important for the prevention of inflammation of the prostate gland.

It is also important to monitor the content of vitamins in the diet, because in winter the body's need for them increases. Most necessary at this time are vitamins C and D. The first is responsible for resistance to colds, the second - for a good mood, and bone strength. Trace element selenium strengthens the immune system. It is found in pistachios, white mushrooms, grapes, oysters. Also useful in winter nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts and pine) and lean meat (chicken, turkey and beef young). Rich in animal and vegetable proteins, these products make up the lack of energy. Turn the menu vitamin drinks: mineral water, herbal teas, cranberry juice will help bring the body of toxins.

Conversely carbohydrates you need to consume less: their abundance makes a person lethargic, including slow recovery, if you do get sick. Do not lean on hot spices: they are harmful already fragile winter nasopharyngeal mucosa, throat and esophagus. A mucosal injury - an excellent springboard for germs that cause sore throat and pharyngitis.

In winter, the body suffers from a lack of ultraviolet radiation. May begin even the so-called "fotozavisimaya depression." So try to catch all the light, which is available to you, include home and work lamps brighter, you can even visit a solarium - not to tan, and not to be sad.

Also colds season should limit heavy exercise, since they reduce immunity. It will be enough aerobic exercise.

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