How to save women's health

How to save women's health
 Unfortunately, the number of women who can not normally get pregnant and bear a child, is increasing every year. Hormonal disruptions repeatedly transferred infection, abortion - all this negative impact on the reproductive function. With age, alas, the situation changes only for the worse. After all, health, lost in his youth, it is very difficult to restore. So how do you keep the women's health?  
 Keep health is much easier than to restore it. With this statement no one will argue. Ignoring the advice of senior in his youth, not thinking about the future of women every day lose that money can not buy - their health. In order to save it, you need to not only eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also periodically visit doctors.

Take care of your immunity. Remember that the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases increases markedly when it falls.

Do not forget about the daily hygiene of the genital organs. Preferably after each visit to the toilet, before and after intercourse to spend cleaning the hygienic. Use with the best boiled water. Try not to use antibacterial agents. They destroy the beneficial bacteria and the natural balance is shifted toward pathogens.

Avoid abortion, as well as their consequences. Of course, we should not talk about those cases where abortion is required (on the scale set life of the mother, the child was conceived in a deep state of alcohol or drugs, etc.). Remember that not only pregnancy may be payback for a pleasant pastime, but infection with sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS or hepatitis).

Always use a condom during sex. Carry them in your purse, in a jacket pocket or pants. It is better to be safe than later to look guilty in this situation.

Women and girls who have a steady partner, and may use the resources of modern contraception. Many of them allow you to avoid pregnancy for several years, but accept and use them only after consultation with the gynecologist.

Even if you do not care, twice a year to visit the gynecologist. Many diseases can be months or even years asymptomatic.

Be sure to watch your hormonal. The hormone melatonin is produced is better for those who go to bed no later than 23 hours. Helps to develop the right hormones and food. Try to eat more low-fat dairy products, seaweed, fish, pumpkin and soy.

Have sex as often as possible, and most importantly - with pleasure. This will be the best prevention of fibroids and cysts.

Do not seek to lose weight more than you need. Your weight should be proportional to growth. The low level of mass index is bad for women's health.

Try to find available every morning for 15 minutes to do exercises. During the lessons in your blood comes growth hormone (hormone of youth).

Get rid of bad habits. Beer production harms fertility hormone - estrogen. Therefore, lovers of intoxicating drink is difficult to conceive, and bear a baby. Coffee causes an excess of the hormone adrenalin. From his legs covered with "orange peel". It is best to drink black tea. It will protect against tooth decay, and will positively influence the functioning of the heart and overall health.

After 35-45 years should more carefully take care of themselves. The onset of menopause is quite a negative impact on women's health. Therefore, when the first symptoms (severe sweating, irritability, excessive sleepiness, hypertension) should be immediately contact your doctor. Take care during this period of the appearance (skin, hair and nails). Visiting doctors and cosmetologist will halt the aging process and make it less noticeable to others.

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