How to reduce the risk of cancer

How to reduce the risk of cancer
 Experts believe that about 2/3 of cancer cases could be avoided if all men were more interested in their health, were scheduled inspections and carry out simple rules for the prevention of cancer.  

Cancers can be called by this plague of our time. The disease does not spare neither adults nor children, but at the same time, doctors say that the recent oncology is increasingly possible to identify at an early stage in the scheduled scan that srazzhu a positive effect on the possibility of recovery. Cancer is still considered a very dangerous disease, but diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.

It is believed that a third of all cases of oncology is based on smoking. Cigarettes not only become a cause of lung cancer, they can cause the formation of malignant tumors in the mouth, larynx, esophagus, induce leukemia. Passive smoking, unfortunately, the risk is equal to active, so it is important not only to stop smoking, but also to persuade the environment, to follow your example.

Being overweight increases the risk of colorectal cancer, besides numerous studies have shown that overweight women after menopause are much more likely to develop breast cancer than their skinny girlfriend. Hold within the normal weight reduces the risk of oncology immediately by 40%.

No matter how gentle sun may appear to you, remember, that the sun's rays cause skin cancer - one of the fastest and most insidious types of cancer. Therefore, always use sunscreen in the summer before going out on the street or sit comfortably on the beach.

Examine your body, try to keep track of all the changes taking place with him in time. Particular attention should be paid to unusual Ranko irregular shape, modify moles, nodules and lumps on the skin, enlarged lymph nodes throughout the body, a strange cough, unexplained weight loss. Most of all you should alert painless seal wherever you found them either.

But most importantly, do not be like the ostrich. Feeling at strange formation, do not bury our heads in the sand in the hope of "maybe resolve." Go to the doctor. It is likely that your education is harmless and it is not even a tumor. And even if so, the sooner you start treatment, the better your chances of success and survival.

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