How to prevent depression

How to prevent depression
 Depression - a pathological condition characterized by depressed mood, lethargy mental processes and motor activity. Man in depression depressed, the future seems bleak and gloomy him.
Moderate physical activity

Every day you need to take at least five kilometers on foot. Oxygen - the most natural "antidepressant". Walk or exercise, do not sit on the ground. When you exercise in the blood to happiness hormones, activates the metabolism, improves mood. A lead a sedentary lifestyle is harmful for both physical and mental health.


Organize your life, Naladte day regimen. Just go to sleep, preferably before midnight. Sleep as much as your body requires. A man who lives "on the clock" is less likely to fly off the rails, rather than one who relies "at random" and whose life is disorganized. Take responsibility for your life for yourself, do not transfer it to anyone's shoulders. Remember that in the first place your health and your success depends on you.

Eating habits

Lack of certain vitamins can trigger depression, lethargy, fatigue. Therefore, in the prevention of depression important condition - a balanced and varied diet. Eat cereal porridges, soups, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. Fall and spring to take a multivitamin complexes. By the way, from a small amount of sweet blood secretes endorphins, so sometimes you can treat yourself to something tasty. But eat some candy just not worth it.

Are you fascinated by the man?

Find something for everyone. Try yourself in various activities, meet new people, read books and magazines, watching good movies. If any thing you seriously entice depression to you the outskirts. To help other people. Look around: there are so many people who need your help and support. Why are you in on itself? Get a pet, take care of him.

The benefits of abstinence

Try to limit yourself to some time in the food, entertainment, communication with people. Maybe you have a bad mood from feeling jaded life? Fasting - a useful exercise. It helps to cleanse and calm down. Food eaten after abstinence, you will find delicious and aromatic. Word spoken after a period of silence, you will be pronounced with joy.

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