How to make yourself not to smoke

How to make yourself not to smoke
 Smoking - is the bane of civilization, and every year the smokers do not become less. But this army of people voluntarily poison themselves, there are few such who would not dream of leaving the habit and not to attempt in this direction. Particularly affected by this dependence woman.
 However, with a cigarette is not so easy to leave. After all, this dependence, and, like any drug, nicotine is addictive in the physical (chemical) and on a psychological level. To break this dependence will require huge motivation and use of willpower.

For example, for employment, business woman quit smoking - so get a lot of free time which can be spent on the job, building a career, etc. It is proved that the person who smokes a pack a day, spends a minimum of 7-8 hours (a distraction from work, walk to the "smoking room", smoking with a cup of coffee, then return to work, while the concentration in the work, etc.). Just think: 8 hours - it's a working day! Precious time, which is not always enough.

For women of any age a good incentive - saving beauty. Fresh blush, no earthy skin tone, radiance eyes, shiny hair, no longer smelling smoke. Quit and run like a countdown.

If the company girlfriends smoking, this should not scare probability of failure. Let your feminine nature gradually jeering at her friends, smugly watching what is the difference in the exterior beauty nonsmokers and those who believe that do not harm the beauty and youth.

And the absolute stimulus for all - is the preservation of reproductive function. Medicine authoritatively declares that in female smoking is reduced by 30 (!) Percent, so it's a third less. And that's not counting its own natural immunity, environmental conditions and stress. Remember that procreation, birth of a child - the basic meaning of a woman's life, even if it still hides the idea deep in the subconscious.

For young girls stimulus may be a survey of boys of the same age. They want to see next is a modern, relaxed, not stupid, maybe a bright, even glamorous girl. But you will not hear a word of what they dream of smoking girlfriend. Think about it.

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