How to improve vision without glasses

How to improve vision without glasses
 The eyes of modern man experiencing such a load, which never dreamed our ancestors. Watch TV, a large amount of time in front of the monitor screen, reading ... In this case, hardly anyone thinks that eyes need a rest from time to time to give them a good idea to relax. Regain wholly vision without surgery is very difficult, but there are exercises that can improve it. Unless, of course, it is not very spoiled.
 Exercise, the implementation of which gives the eyes rest and relaxation, you need to perform regularly. Then your vision will get more opportunities to recover. The easiest way is to close the eyes for 15-20 minutes in a horizontal position. Close your eyes and so visualize yourself some nice pictures.

Another exercise is called palming. The name comes from the English word «palm», which means "hand." It is also necessary to close their eyes, but also to cover the palms of both hands. Lack of access of light to the eyes helps to relax your eyes to a great extent, which positively affects the vision. This exercise is best done before bedtime.

When any deviation of (nearsightedness or farsightedness) useful exercise called "soft look". Relax, sit straight. At a distance of about 30 cm from the eyes pull the index fingers of both hands. Slowly start moving your fingers forward, but your mind does not have to follow them. On the contrary, you should look into the void.

Some time to turn your sights on distant objects near and on the contrary, I focus pupil. Then quickly blink 10-20 seconds. Generally, all exercises to improve eyesight without the need to perform voltage, quietly.

Acupuncture helps to improve eyesight. Active points associated with vision, are found around the eyes and nose. Engage them easy to press with your fingers.

Necessarily in the diet must be present products to maintain and improve vision. For example, blueberries (you can use natural blueberry jam), carrots, fatty fish.

You also need to regularly take vitamin C complex trace elements, which have a positive effect on the body as a whole.

A set of measures that include exercise, vitamins, good nutrition, will allow you to improve your vision.

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