How to improve or restore sight

How to improve or restore sight
 Eyes feel tired and heavy load for different reasons. Among them, working with documents, reading e-books, a long finding in the monitor screen, etc. All this leads to the fact that over time, vision deteriorates. What can we do to restore or improve its sharpness?
 Sight often spoiled by the fact that the eye muscles over a long period of time is not adequately load. Monotonous work (in terms of visual stress) leads to the fact that the eye muscles simply lose shape and become limp and weak. For example, this may occur when a person is a whole day looking at the computer monitor. Noting that your vision starts to deteriorate, start doing special exercises for the eyes. It takes very little time, but it is very effective. Training the eye muscles, regular gymnastics will not only slow down the developing myopia, but also improve vision.

The essence of the exercise in eye movement.
1. Opening of the eyes make circular movements, first clockwise and then - against.
2. The eyes move rapidly along the vertical (down - up) and horizontal (left - right).
3. Frequently blink often. Then with an effort to close and open your eyes.
4. Aim look at his left shoulder, focusing on this point. Making three blinking, repeat the same thing, directing his gaze to his nose, and then - to the nose. To do this, the tip of her index finger and look at it to the eyes "Connect". Repeat the exercise in each direction at least 8-10 times.
5. Looking at a nearby object (such as a monitor), from time to time and distracted glances away (at some point). Repeat at least 6-8 times.

Maintain healthy eyes and help foods containing important to them vitamins and minerals. Given that in the heat treatment half of useful properties of the products is lost, include in your diet dish of raw vegetables and fruits. Vitamin A is essential for the prevention of myopia and recovery of visual acuity. In a lot of it is contained in cabbage, in a variety of green salad, apricots. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), via which are output from the body vision destroying the free radicals present in the blueberry, kiwi, citrus.

In nuts, cereals, olive oil contains vitamin E, an antioxidant, a positive effect on vigilance eyes. Necessary eyes fatty acids omega-3, you will find in abundance in fatty sea fish: salmon, trout, mackerel.

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