How to deal with insomnia

How to deal with insomnia
 One of the most important physiological needs is sleep. Without it, it can not exist, so those who can not sleep, it is necessary to understand the reasons for the lack of sleep and learn how to come out on top in a hard struggle with insomnia.
 If anxiety and problems do not give a person to fall asleep, do not bedtime drink coffee, tea or other beverages with caffeine. Accelerated heart rhythm, if a person smokes, so people should think about how to smoke a last cigarette for a couple of hours before bedtime.

If you are taking slimming, keep in mind that some of them have a stimulating substance. Before going to bed, drink diet pills, or weight loss, you can lose the sleep.

Learn to relax. When it gets dark, try to banish all fears and bad thoughts. Leave all the worries on the next day, trying to focus only on vacation.

Before going to bed is helpful to take a warm bath, a good bit of water to pour into the foam with a relaxing effect. Soak in the bath no more than 25 minutes and go to sleep.

It has long been observed that listening to works by composers such as Mozart, leads to lower blood pressure and normalization of heart rate. Reading a book with a nice story well helps to relax and fall asleep. If you see your favorite movie, the tension of the day will change the tranquility and you will be able to sleep.

Ventilate the bedroom before going to sleep and take a stroll in the evening, physical activity will contribute to a more rapid fall asleep.

Establish a mechanism of sleep helps comfortable bed. Choose semi-orthopedic mattress and pillow low. Bed linen should be cotton or silk, the color is also important. Prefer light tones, avoiding bright colors. Purchase a light and a warm blanket, so it does not cause you discomfort.

The tendency to insomnia should not sleep during the day, can lose biorhythms. Doterpet better to lie down in the evening and early. The most useful is sleep before midnight, the nervous system at this time is best restored. You can not sit up late at the computer or TV, excitement usually leads to poor sleep.

If you can not cope with insomnia, see your doctor, a sleep to find out the reasons for sleep disorders.

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