Funds from winter depression

Funds from winter depression
 Most often in the winter, during cold weather and lack of sunshine, people get depressed. It manifests itself in the form of sleepiness, bad mood and fatigue. Along with this may be overeating. For most people, a depression makes you want to lie in bed at least until the spring.

There are many different ways to beat the winter depression. Most importantly, should spend more time outdoors.

Sports and walks will be most beneficial effect on the body during cold weather. Walk every day, at least 10-15 minutes. To keep warm in very cold days, you can do some physical exercises that cheer the body and add to you a little bit of positive emotions.

In winter, the body does not have enough sunlight, so any walks during the day contribute to the accumulation of vitamin D. Also contains ultraviolet rays solarium. Preparation of artificial tanning almost equally with sunlight can contribute to the production of vitamin D and healthy complexion.

Lack of this vitamin can be recovered, and with the help of consumption of milk, fish, eggs or special artificial additives. To winter does not spoil the figure, eat more fruits and vegetables, which contain a variety of vitamins and will not harm your beautiful forms.

For the body of carbohydrates eat cereals such as oatmeal and brown rice. Carbohydrates in these cereals are digested more slowly than in other cereals.

In the winter, many lacked good mood and positive emotions, we are trying to compensate for sweets. In order to not raise blood sugar in the blood and not gain weight, you should limit yourself to gradually sugary foods. Within a week the need for sweet gradually disappear, but sometimes you can indulge in a piece of chocolate.

Cope with depression in the winter season is quite possible, most importantly - always raduyte yourself, get positive emotions, which are very useful in the cold, and do not forget to love yourself and keep track of their appearance, and then winter will fly by, and after it will be a wonderful mood.

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