Do I need to take immunostimulants?

Do I need to take immunostimulants?
 Fatigue, irritability, frequent changes of mood against the background of poor health - are well-known symptoms of weakened immunity. Advertising immunostimulants promises to rectify the situation without unnecessary expenditure of time and without harm to health. Accept or reject? That is the question.

In modern society, it has become fashionable to self-medicate. If suddenly the three ladies conversing one complains about health, then surely there is one that is listed on the complaints not only put the "diagnosis", but also appoint a "treatment". And the cooler gets outside, the more often we hear about the "poor immunity," which urgently needs to be raised. And is it necessary?

Symptoms of low immunity to almost all known and if you try, you find them at the cellar:

- Fatigue;
- Chronic fatigue;
- The constant lack of sleep or chronic insomnia;
- Frequent colds, acute respiratory disease complications;
- Aching muscles and joints;
- Allergy;
- A complication of acute illness, with their transition into chronic and so on.

Then the course is one of immunostimulants, which, according to the person receiving it shall rectify the situation and to lift immunity. This may be one of the types widely advertised dietary supplements or herbal immunostimulants such as propolis tincture, echinacea tincture or something even more popular, natural, and therefore it is "harmless." But is there really friendly reception immunostimulants?

Immunity - a complex defense mechanism that is responsible for the body's resistance to pathogenic threat to the environment. Of course, under certain conditions, a perfectly balanced "security system", working on their own specific laws can actually be damaged. But reliably establish the diagnosis can only qualified person, then there is a doctor.

Symptoms that "samodiagnosty" mistaken for a weakening of the immune system, may be signs of serious health problems. For example, aching muscles and joints may well be a serious joint problems, including rheumatoid arthritis, and "dizbakterioz" - severe gastrointestinal disease, including the presence of parasites, etc. intraenteric Thus, a man putting a diagnosis "a weak immune system," playing Russian roulette, losing time and further weakening his body senseless taking immunostimulants.

Only after passing a serious medical examination, checking all of their chronic diseases and excluding them from the list of "suspects", you can confidently speak of a weak immune system. But in this case, do not just run to the drugstore and buy immunostimulatory agent. With the weakening of the human immune system is similar to ride a horse that falls from the surge. In this case, immunostimulants like merciless whip, which is able to raise the "dying horse" that it took a couple of steps and then ...

What to do when cold outside, but the body still exhausted and weakened? The answer is simple - to live a healthy lifestyle. Observing the principles of a balanced diet, weakened, and ideally reduced to zero nervous overload, partaking in sports and give up bad habits, you can not only boost your immune system, but also to forget the way to pharmacies for a very long time.

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