Clean atmosphere for a healthy lifestyle

Clean atmosphere for a healthy lifestyle
 Air and water - the main components of the climate system of our planet. They define the habitat of all mankind, living at the bottom of the ocean air. Person breathes atmospheric air. Change its composition affects negatively on the physical condition of people living in areas where the atmosphere is contaminated.
 To assess the extent of the negative impact of air pollution on the mental and physical health, it is necessary to examine how it affects the different groups of the population. Townspeople and villagers, people of different professions and those who live in different regions of the planet, breathe air, having different degrees of contamination. Question in the negative impact of air pollution on these groups of people involved in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

According to the reports submitted by the IPCC, the negative changes associated with air pollution, contribute to the global spread of various diseases and increased premature mortality. Changes associated with deterioration of quality of inhaled air, at an early stage is negligible. However, disappointing forecasts suggest that gradually the number of cases will increase in all countries and regions.

At risk are now residents of large cities, where there are large industrial enterprises, and there is the problem of exhaust gases caused huge traffic. However, every year in cities reduces the number of green spaces, falling per capita. This is due to the constant destruction of small parks and gardens, providing recreational land for commercial and residential development.

Need clean atmosphere for a healthy lifestyle and maintain its quality in metropolitan areas and towns. To do this, that each of them have been developed master plans and land use and development. The adoption of these regulations will allow legislate limits of territorial areas, intended for planting and for recreation facilities.

Expansion of areas set aside for parks and green spaces, will increase the oxygen content in the air breathed by the citizens, and reduce the amount of harmful impurities in it. Along with the constant and strict control over the activities of industrial plants that pollute the atmosphere, this nemudreny recipe will reduce the risk of many diseases caused by poor air quality in big cities.

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