Aging prematurely: who is at risk?

Aging prematurely: who is at risk?
 Premature aging - a pathological process which leads to the development of age-related diseases at an early age and shortens the lifetime. The reasons for the pathology can be quite a lot. At risk are people who do not follow the simple conditions.
 The main causes of premature aging include: genetic predisposition, unhealthy lifestyle with the presence of many bad habits, systematic stress, overeating or malnutrition, living in environmentally disadvantaged areas, delayed diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases.

Genetic predisposition

Physiological aging laid at the genetic level. If the life expectancy of close relatives was rather short, at certain times or in certain circumstances, the body will run the processes leading to the inevitable aging.

Pernicious habits

Excessive use of alcohol, smoking, overeating, lack of exercise - these are the factors that lead to chronic diseases and premature aging. Violated all the vital functions of the body. Cardiovascular system wears out several times faster. Liver ceases to cope with their immediate function processing of harmful substances and toxins. Life expectancy is significantly reduced.


This is another factor that leads to premature aging. The body must receive the required amount of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates. If any component in this chain is missing, broken internal organs, cardiovascular system suffers. Dietary measures aimed at weight loss, can lead to premature aging. Therefore, to reduce food intake only on the advice of a nutritionist.


Accommodation in environmentally disadvantaged areas leads to the general intoxication. Regular intake of harmful substances accumulated in the blood. This leads to serious chronic diseases or cancer.


Long-term stressful situations lead to the depletion of the nervous, immune and cardiovascular systems. This triggers accelerated aging mechanisms.

Chronic diseases

Delays in access to a doctor facing serious problems. Any chronic disease inevitably leads to disruption of a number of bodies. Unstable operation of vital organs leads to a natural process of premature aging.

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