Afternoon fatigue and how to fight it

Afternoon fatigue and how to fight it
 Many people have noticed that after the lunch break occurs fatigue, felt heavy and sleepy. It would seem that in the afternoon the body is saturated and gets a lot of nutrients, which should become a new flow of energy, but most often happens the other way round.

Deal with such fatigue is possible even in office environments. After lunch, the best cheer up, do some simple exercises outdoors or just walk 5-10 minutes. In order to avoid heaviness in the stomach after dinner, should eat more of chopped food that is easy to digest.

After lunch, eat some fruit or drink juice, it helps to better digest food. The easier it will be your dinner, the easier it will be to overcome the afternoon fatigue.

Also, to avoid gravity after dinner, breakfast consume foods containing protein. This component is in greater concentration found in dairy products, yogurt, bread, coarse and eggs.

Another way of restoring concentration after the lunch break - is the use of multivitamins. It contains a variety of useful minerals and vitamins that can easily win arisen fatigue.

If you have some time in the afternoon, spend them usefully. Relax, have fun, meet interesting people you. The main thing - to distract yourself from fatigue occurred.

If possible, it is desirable to have a rest in the afternoon, you can even take a nap for 15 minutes. Such a nap restore all power after the first half of the day. If you have not enough time to sleep in between, you can mentally get together and reassure myself that before the end of the day nothing at all, and very soon will come off. These positive thoughts cheer working body and give him a more positive mood.

Applying all the ways to combat afternoon fatigue, you can easily win. And after dinner, you will want to work with pleasure, cheer up and will vitality with which you can easily do the necessary work.

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