6 ways to assess your health

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 They say that health is not to buy at any price. And because it is on a par with the times is the greatest value. But in the chaos of everyday life, many people forget to look after their health, sometimes spohvatyvayas only when change something becomes very difficult. Of course, the daily run to the doctor for "well I" will not work. And so should adopt several techniques self. The easiest way to determine the state of his health in his eyes.
 Test first. Circles under the eyes

Go to the mirror and look closely at his eyes. Start with a self-test status century. If you have enough sleep, eat a balanced, avoiding smoking, salting, alcohol, and his eyes were still resemble panda eyes - guard. Circles under the eyes can be a symptom of kidney failure, helminthiasis, inflammatory diseases.

The second test. Whites of the eyes

Eyes - mirror of the soul is not so much how much health. There are entire diagnostic systems, defining disease as eye color and iris. Look closely at his eyes. No redness, no inflamed whether protein, whether it is normal or slightly bluish white color. Yellowed protein - a symptom of liver problems. Yellowness can also indicate malignant tumors of the conjunctiva and other complex diseases.

Third test. Iris (Iris) eyes

Consider the iris of each eye. Thin rays coming from the central part to the edges indicate problems with the intestine, large signal available osteochondrosis. Bright spots warn of the acute inflammatory processes. If the stain is dark, the process moved into a chronic stage.

Fourth test. The eyes

Pay attention to the pupils. Narrow - less than 2 mm - pupils warn of intoxication or onset of the disease of the brain. Wide pupil (more than 6 millimeters) can also be a symptom of the disease of the brain or the thyroid gland.

Test the fifth. Iris rings

Around the iris is located a few rings. Pay attention to their color. Darkening may indicate circulatory disorders or dermatological problems. White Ring - a possible symptom of blood diseases.

Sixth test. Pupillary border

Look at the rim surrounding the pupil. It may have very different color and texture. If it is a broad, uniform or resembles a necklace of large beads, then your immune full order. Fringe, having, as it were torn edges, can talk about the problems with the gastrointestinal tract. If the rim is thinned, it is - a sign of instability of the nervous system.

Seeing any of the above symptoms, try as quickly as possible to see a specialist. It may be that the cause for concern was not at all, but once again does not hurt to be safe. After all, health, if it is lost, you can not buy even the most money.

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