6 myths about men's health

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 Women tend to create myths about men, for that matter, and vice versa. It seems that men - cold soulless creatures who do not care at all, including their health. But it is not so.

Men's Health - a mystery to women, although the glossy magazines and try to uncover the mystery. Most often, it acquires the myths that it is not clear who and why invented. One of the biggest myths - men do not care about their health. That's not it. According to studies conducted in different countries the United States, Europe and Asia, 35% of men are always worried about their health status, as well as the health of our families and friends.

Myth number two - "male menopause." Andropause (reducing the level of sex hormones) is not equivalent to menopause. Reduction in sexual activity in men of a certain age determined by other factors (depending on weather and health, smoking and poor nutrition, etc.).

The third myth - "the way to a man's heart always is through his stomach." Usually bye ladies prefer to spend in restaurants, where men have to lead them. Then count on an intimate relationship is hardly necessary, since the man is hungry and wants to fully sleep in bed. Besides, the frequent use of fatty food further dramatically reduces the level of sex hormones in the blood of men.

Another myth - the tale of the prostate. In fact, prostate diseases and problems associated with low potency with each other. Sex has a positive effect on the prostate, and temperance, on the contrary, can cause "stagnant prostatitis."

The fifth myth - a fairy tale about the size of manhood. Penis erection and tranquility - are two different things. Dimensions erect penis is difficult to define because they can vary from 7 to 26 centimeters, and the average size of the penis is usually considered 16 centimeters. In small members have their advantages - erection is faster and is pretty quality.

Last myth - "ideal" man in bed. Women always want to see next to a lover who would like to sex anytime, anywhere. But in fact, men are very dependent on women for sex. Most men dream of women's initiative in sex, and sometimes can not be without it. It must be remembered that the man should be taken for what it is, and he will appreciate it.

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