Work stress and genes. What is the connection?

Work stress and genes. What is the connection?
 Modern life is always associated with stress - it is always and everywhere. But why some people are more prone to stress, and others - less? After a series of experiments, the researchers concluded that there is a link between stress and genotype variability.  

Scientists, in an attempt to prove that the work of genes associated with stress, conducted experiments on rats. Some young were separated from their mother at an early age. Later, as an adult rats, they somehow were looking for secret places, hiding in the farthest corners of the cell.

As it turned out, the stress transferred from the pups in childhood that they were deprived of a mother, then disable the gene responsible for a sense of security. On the basis of these studies, the scientists decided to find out this kind of communication functioning nerve endings during stress.

The study underwent a person who died voluntarily. Results of the study have struck everyone - 100% suitsidnikov experienced enormous stress in childhood.

Scientists are interested in communication. DNA was investigated brain siutsidnikov and victims who died a sudden death and leading up to this normal life.

People who commit suicide in the brain was found a gene that although was not damaged, but was off some "chemical labeling." Stress that they moved like "stalled" work of the gene. But in those sacrifices that were a normal life, the gene continued to function.

Thus, these "labeling", which leaves a stress on the human genotype, lead to the most disastrous results: disease, depression, suicide. Parents are encouraged to pay more attention to the education of children.

The child must be protected from stress and high emotions. Even in an emergency is better not to expose children strong "shocks." In order to further the child is not a feeling of alienation and not lose a sense of security, parents must be aware of existing and occurring in the human brain so-called neuro-genetic process. Only the knowledge of the interaction behavior, negative environment and genes will protect the baby from the disastrous consequences.

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