Sit back and be healthy!

Sit back and be healthy!
 The era of change is, along with the huge positive changes in a large number of permanent anxiety, uncertainty and stress. Even if someone is smiling and remain calm, someone else shamelessly throws out your stress on being near people, including you. What you need to do to stay healthy person?

Stress must be fought because the physical condition of the person depends on spiritual experiences. Constant stress lowers the body's resistance, there are pains here and there. It can reach even up to serious diseases. It is important to understand that the physical body - this is very important, and it can not be treated like trained animals.

To get rid of unwanted feelings, to start breathe fresh air, relax. Charged electrons contained in the atmosphere, are the source of electric current for the cells. If the body lacks in them, you get tired quickly, are easier to negative emotional states.

Try to master kakimi- or relaxation techniques, all the more so with continued practice, you will not only learn how to get rid of the effects of stress, but also be able to radically change their lives.

Very well helps this much-loved procedure as a relaxing foot massage. Every organ of the body corresponds to a certain point of the foot. When it comes sensitive muscle relaxation. First of all, comfortably sit down and lean to the foot. Massage each toe gentle circular motion and always smiling. After that, swipe your thumb on the sole - first up, then down. This massage is better to do before going to bed. It soothes and relaxes. Especially it can be recommended to those who stress affects the stomach.

Excellent help and massage the solar plexus. This procedure will help you with a strong short-term stress. It has a positive effect on the respiratory and circulatory system. If you are experiencing a strong emotion, heart or fear to lose and smile and make yourself a massage. First, the right hand massage in a circular motion counterclockwise area between the breastbone and the navel (10 times). A minute later, his left hand below the right place. Sit back and be healthy!

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