HLS in Russian

HLS in Russian
 Health - the most important value in the life of any person. After all, it can not be bought at any price, not exchanged for success and successfully evolving career ... In every country, people lead a healthy lifestyle in their own way. Like they do in Russia?
 Physical activity not by choice, but by "coercion."

In most countries, the culture of healthy lifestyles is extremely popular and does not require additional advertising - people are happy to run in the morning and visit the gym after work. Russian same person needs necessarily an incredibly powerful incentive - that would cause him to abandon the strong temptation to spend an evening on the couch watching TV. For example, a couple of extra pounds - not a cause, but obesity, which provokes shortness of breath and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, on pain of death "chase" for training. Woman is written on fitness when he wants to get into a new dress or dorogushchee dazzling look at the beach.

Herbal medicine and naturopathy instead of conventional medicine and traditional medicine.

Making a resident or a resident of Russia to go to the doctor because of the fact that the temperature rose or a little sick to my stomach, almost impossible. By the help of a specialist Russian resorted to only when "roasted rooster peck." Unless you need surgery or hospital admission, Russian will be treated by herbal teas, popular recipes, and in some cases - even a conspiracy. It is believed that the drugs may do more harm than good. That is why sometimes when people still "comes" to the doctor too late.

The ability to reduce stress alcohol.

In Russia, hard working week often ends with seating at the bar or country trips with friends. The main goal - not relaxation and fun, and alcoholic libations. Such a method of stress relief there are pluses and minuses. On the one hand - certainly the abuse of alcohol can not be called a good habit, on the other - but the Russian did not have to run to psychotherapists to analyze the scandal with the head and find a way out. Just enough to miss another couple of glasses of beer and an outlet for negative emotions, well, get the advice of a friend, of course.

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