Go away, insomnia

Go away, insomnia
 Insomnia - a serious problem that prevents live and work. Ways to deal with a variety of disease, they are all aimed at restoring the normal duration of sleep a person. People experiencing sleep problems, reduced performance and no sense of the joy of life. They become more vulnerable to disease.
 Full insomnia - is extremely rare. Currently, the only reported in patients with chronic kolestitoy (so-called disease) became Tseperovich Jacob, who after severe poisoning coma and lost the ability to sleep. Most people can still sleep, but not quite as we would like. Some people toss and turn in bed for a few hours and fall asleep only in the morning, others - quickly fall asleep at night and wake up every hour. Violations can manifest itself in different ways, but almost always the same complaint. This fatigue, desire to sleep, pain headaches. People who have trouble sleeping, reduced efficiency and a sense of the joy of life.

Such people become more vulnerable to colds and infectious diseases, and eventually, if the situation is not normalized, can purchase and chronic diseases. After sleep protects against overvoltage, restores strength. Causes of insomnia are looking for in the stress and worries. For the most part this is true. However, you should know that sleep may violate any problems in the body. For example, the surface, disturbed sleep occurs in people with diseases of the gallbladder, as well as those who suffer from osteochondrosis. Early wake-up can be one of the symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

With regard to emotions, everything is not easy. Sometimes when a person experiences sleep well. Do not have time to enjoy a strong nervous system, comes as insomnia. This distant response of the body, while the difficulties he mobilized, and then relaxed and gave vent to his feelings. Quite strange when insomnia comes comes after pleasant events. Moving into the house, dreamed, new jobs with excellent prospects of getting an unexpected inheritance. This happens because the body is under stress joyful.

The earlier treatment starts, the better. This rule applies to any disorders. No need to go to bed with confidence in a sleepless night, it is necessary to tune the best. Or deliberately abstain from sleep, create employment for the whole night. Do not take drugs, even those sold without a prescription. Any medication has side effects, it will at least cause psychological addiction. If a person goes to sleep after a dose of sleeping pills, then the next time he is more likely to also resort to his help.

It is advisable to sleep hygiene. Indoor temperature, humidity, the prevalence of color - this is the most ancient ways to improve sleep, known since the time of Hippocrates. Cooler than the room, the faster a person is immersed in the arms of Morpheus. The lighter the general background (color of the walls, bed linen), the more difficult to sleep.

If you are a regular sleep disturbances, try before going to bed to do something monotonous, do not evoke emotions, for example, should be ironed linen or count sheep. Or imagine that by next summer you need to update your wardrobe, buy, for example, five dresses. Think about each of them: what should be the color, fabric, sleeve length, etc. Such reflections soothe, distract from the experience and help sleep.

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