Components of a healthy lifestyle

Components of a healthy lifestyle
 Healthy lifestyle requires a comprehensive approach. It is not enough to quit smoking, start eating yogurt in the morning or to run once a month, to assert with confidence that you are on your way to health. But if you organize your life in accordance with it, you'll notice that improved and health and appearance, and even the mood.
 The cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle - this is the right sleep. If not enough sleep or not to have sleep, all other efforts, anyway, will be reduced to nothing. Regular and adequate sleep produces the rhythm of life, allowing to rest and work with maximum efficiency. Often people consider time to sleep, as a reserve that can be used for other purposes. But this approach is not valid. It leads to the fact that reduced mental capacity is impaired psycho-emotional state.

If you are keen to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but are subject to bad habits, you have to say goodbye to them. This is incompatible things. Bad habits shorten life and cause for many diseases.

The next step should be the establishment of proper nutrition. Its principles are subject to two simple laws. First, you need to get from food as much energy as it consumes your body for the day. Strengthened food leads to obesity, which, according to some sources, affects about one third of the population of Russia. It, in turn, contributes to the development of various diseases.

The second law of good nutrition: composition of food consumed should correspond to what feels the need for the human body. Together with food you need to receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals as well as proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the desired amount. Lack of any required nutrients leads to disease and even complete absence would lead to death.

Motor activity also must be present in a person aspiring to health. Systematic sports, walks, all contribute to the preservation of health and disease prevention is the musculoskeletal system. Perhaps now you think you can not think about it, but actually start to play sports should be at this time, not when the problem has already begun.

Hardening and douches also contribute to better health. Immunity, which significantly increases if engaged in these procedures will not only allow you to not suffer from seasonal colds, but also to protect themselves from possible virus infections.

Personal hygiene - a necessary condition of health. With this modern man is usually no problem, but often they are to other aspects of the correct lifestyle. For example, most people, especially in large cities, is insufficiently active, eats properly, sleeps little and is subject to bad habits.

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