Vasiliev. How to get for their abroad

 Each part of the world and every country has its own local fashion - Russian fashion brand does not sound in Brazil, absolutely nobody is interested in Australia and, of course, is very different from the American, French and Italian. There are many components. Important climate - hot or cold, the desire to dress brightly, as do the Israelis, or modest, as in the Baltic States and Scandinavia, very relaxed, like they do in the United States, or trendy, like they do in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and many other factors.

And in France, Belgium and England now do not really follow the fashion.Therefore, to talk about how the Russian people in any country to go for her and do not stand out, it is very difficult. And to give advice on all occasions I too can not, I can only refer to all of our column, called "How to distinguish between Russian abroad."

Indeed, every time I come abroad for a short time, the Russians think it's a major event in their lives and want to be very elegant and special occasions. But if you want to pass for a Parisian, first of all you need to stop hair dye because indigestible bright colors in fashion in Russia, completely out of place in the capital of world fashion.It is also important not to dress pretentious and new.

Today's trend - absolutely not take care of their appearance, do not follow the height of heels, ignore the bags on the cut of the jacket or coat. People dress up in Europe much easier, perhaps less avantazhno, ie non-winning for the figure and expression of femininity or masculinity.

And people from the CIS are very particular about their appearance, they attach great importance to fashion, because for many years were behind the "Iron Curtain" - out of fashion, out of reach of brands, hungry for expensive clothes and have not yet filled. So the 18 years that have passed in our country without the communist regime - not enough time to say stop.

The French say: "Fashion is for the sake of commerce, we will not do it, for us it is not a priority!" In Russia, the situation is different,dress fashionably in every city - is a priority, business card, The ability to say about the presence of money, taste or desire to dress as you want.

Who are guided on how to dress up in Tokyo, New York, is very fashionable British subject. I'll tell you why it happened: I think that this is an absolute fabrication Russians as dress as in Tokyo, we can never, or will need to change the shape of the eyes, shape, and anything else.

In Tokyo, a lot of extravagance, the Japanese are very fond of, brands, they try to hide their Japanese origin, highlight hair, curly, frizz they make a lot of tweaks to change your appearance. The reason for this - globalism.Globalism today introduced into our heads rather silly ideaYou need to dress like Los Angeles or Tokyo, but we are in Moscow.

Fashion - a lot of relatively small groups of people - those who have both resources and interest to it, and taste, who have some motivation to clothing. Basically it is the people of the younger generation, because fashionistas who are over 60, in Russia a bit, for example Lyudmila Gurchenko or Nani Bregvadze.

 But young people, especially when it is time to connect couples and get the kids, really wants to attract attention. We have repeatedly resulted in our column catastrophic data for Russia, where 38% of men 62% of women. That's why the Russians insanely interested in fashion and their appearance - they see it as an opportunity to draw attention to her figure, face.

Andin Russia still meet on clothes. By the way, a very old Russian tradition - to appreciate the people by their looks, it is completely wrong. After all, if I were valued by their clothes, what would have thought, looking at my turquoise or my rings. Although, of course, clothing for shooting I did not run out into the street and did not go to the store. I understand that there is an aspect of the game for us clothes and partly our professional state.

Dental technician will not dress the same way as TV presenter, and the banker - as a salesman in the butcher shop, becauseeach has its own professional requirements for clothing. And the city makes its own laws. To explore all these relationships there is a new interesting trend in sociology of fashion, who is studying the tastes and interests of different groups of people - in certain occupations, age, sexual preference: what kind of music they listen to what restaurants and cafes go, what clubs prefer, what kind of clothes and some price category should be and more.

So all this analysis and in the cities, and on trends and the nations expanded today in the sociology of fashion. We try, as professionals, to learn about it as much as possible by studying publications, articles, music videos, TV shows, flipping through magazines to find out what, in fact, the highlight of flavors in every city and in every community of people.

I can say thatwin those brands that get straight to the point. For example, the company creates clothing only willing, knowing that the Goths around the world will refer to this brand. There are clothes for lower-level managers - that prefers to work and relax female manager. There are brands of clothing for people who like tennis or golf, and enjoys these people will seek this direction.

So I can conclude that in the era of globalization, many manufacturers are not thinking about a particular nation, but of the community of professional or creative interests, preferences and family about how these clothes to apply in everyday life.