The vagaries of fashion, or the latest news from the world's catwalks

 Argue with the fact that fashion is capricious and changeable in their preferences, no one will. Rather on the contrary, the population has long been divided into two opposing halves. One of them is of the opinion that the chase fashion sense. It is still faster, and therefore better to keep in my wardrobe the good old classics that is always relevant. The other half adheres to a completely different strategy.

And the desire to keep up with the latest trends, the desire to look always in accordance with international fashion trends becomes their main credo of life.

The upcoming season Summer 2008 is no exception. Already we can observe how the range of branded shops and boutiques is updated with new models. They can find the features of the models of the past season and a completely new course. Although, of course, is new - it is still well forgotten old. And looking in the wardrobe of your mothers and grandmothers, for sure you can find a couple of wonderful gizmos that are relevant today.

As for color, then this season will be dominated by soft tones.

Unconditional leaders will be the color of pistachio ice cream and sweet olive. For dresses ideal solution would be a light purple color, peach or pink.

In the upcoming season will be even higher than the waist and narrower. All couturier one thing in common: wide belts, located at the waist, and even higher - that's the hit of the season. A time when hip belt were the undisputed leader in all models, has sunk into history. And judging by the cyclical movement of fashion trends, they have come back in 20 years.

Another feature of the upcoming season is the emphasis on the free cover and lung tissues of flying. If you wear a dress, you will certainly free, emphasizing the waistline with a wide belt. Skirts this season will not tolerate uncertainty.

Either that or the elegant mini pencil skirt for the knee, which will emphasize the length of the legs and hide flaws, if any. Lover wear pants should be aware that this season are relevant only pipes with a high waist and, of course, a wide belt.

Accessories at least in the coming season are changed. Still fashionable large, so-called "muhoobraznye" glasses. They were still in demand in the youth of our parents. So with special luck can be found in the farthest corner of the closet, covered with dust. If your wardrobe an elegant small handbag or large, original form, like a mini-suitcase, it will be very helpful.

But what do not we promised the upcoming season, fashionable and stylish you'll just have that really suits your figure and the existing way. Selecting any outfits and accessories depends primarily on you. It's hard to resist the pleasure of a walk in the park in their favorite jeans that were fashionable a couple of seasons ago.

The choice of dress is not always depends on what color is in fashion and what form of trousers prevails. In choosing the dress color is selected individually, and the form - in accordance with the characteristics of the figure.

If the global trends of the season only to emphasize the shortcomings of your figure, there is no reason to update the wardrobe of things that make your way worse.

What we wear must be in harmony with our inner vision of themselves and reflect only the dignity of the figure. Only this should be a fundamental principle in choosing a new dress for work, leisure or festive evening.

 Sergei Vasilenko

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