The same Prada

The same Prada
 The history of international brand Prada - a success story, prosperous family business and luxury clothing. The company was established in 1913 and owes largely to its talented and enterprising founders. Currently, the brand has been producing women's and men's clothing, a variety of accessories, perfumes, optics, while continuing to develop and increase their multi-million dollar profit.

Founder of the brand - Mario Prada in 1913 opened in Milan company for production of travel bags and called it "Fratelli Prada" («Prada Brothers"). Anything that makes Mario, was intended for the Italian elite, since all its products are made of the most expensive and exotic materials (wood, snake skin, precious stones, tortoise shells, etc.). Because of the impracticality of suitcases and bags from aristocratic Italian public eventually lost interest in them. Despite the beauty and strangeness of these remarkable luggage, they were very difficult and hard to take on the road. Therefore, over time «Fratelli Prada» ceased to be so popular, and it is certainly threatened the company, including Mario Prada ruin.

 But in 1978 the family business takes over the 29-year-old granddaughter of Mario Prada - Miuccia Prada. She had no design or art education, she studied at the analyst, and possibly in the future could become a public figure. But fate decreed otherwise, and I must say, not in vain. In 1989, under the direction of Miuccia Prada comes the first collection of women's clothing - pret-a-porte. At that time, although the profit of the company was reduced to a minimum, about its existence was known not only in Italy but also in other European countries and the United States. Collection novice designer was somewhat different from the previous ones - it was quite reserved, no bright colors, psychedelic colors and prints cause. Clothing consisted of soft tissue with a dominant black color, it was not difficult transitions or unusual styles. Exactly because of this contrast, Miuccia and was able to win the hearts of many fans of discreet and elegant chic.

 But Miuccia Prada does not stop there and in 1992 released a new, has his own clothing line Miu Miu. It was created for the younger generation, as well it is dominated by warm and neutral shades of fabrics and simple styles. Behind her comes a series of sunglasses, and after a while Miuccia Prada received the Grand Prix at the international competition in the US for the best accessories. And since 1994, begin to open Prada boutiques around the world, the first of which was in London.

 Probably, it is impossible to come up with an exact description of collections and handwriting clothing Miuccia Prada. Twice a year in New York trademark surprises and delights with its unusual and unpredictable collections, luxurious materials, experiments with precious stones, glass, beads and other unusual materials. Yes, Miuccia still maintains the unique style, thanks to which it has become famous grandfather, and combines it with their own ideas of fashion and beauty. To date, Prada is an international and world-renowned global group, comprising six design lines (Prada Donna, Prada Uomo, Miu Miu, Helmut Lang, Jil Sander, Granello) and 300 boutiques around the world.

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