Summer surprise from Dolce & Gabbana

 This spring, fans waiting for a brand of fashionable footwear surprise - branded slippers from famous designers. Caution - limited edition!

For those who, in spite of the evidence calendar, with one foot already in the summer, and in general for all lovers of comfortable beach footwear - Dolce & Gabbana have released a line of beach shoes «2007 flip flops». Stylish slates started to feet did not get tired even during long walks. Color models - black with white edging, red and blue stripes and blue with white edging strips.

The sole is made of lightweight sandals cork and straps of a thin soft leather. Sandals incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

But the interesting thing is on the back of the foot. If you step foot on its charming sand, then it will print the phrase. «D & G Beachwear Fun Equipment for Summer 2007" (funny outfit for walking along the beach on D & G for the summer of 2007). Sandals released a limited edition, so if you want pomodnichat this summer, will have to run after them. And then ran into them on the golden sand!

The cost is $ 85 a pair.

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